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Modular homes; are they right for you?

With the beginning of a new year, (and a new decade!) we wanted to share some of our new and exciting projects with you. Today we will showcase one such project.

Have you ever heard of Modular homes? They are homes that are built indoors, and then transported to the site to be installed or assembled by a builder. They are gaining popularity for various reasons, mostly because they are faster to build, there are no weather delays, and are more energy-efficient than regular homes built on site.

It’s has been a great learning experience for us to design such a home; there are quite a few rules to follow to make sure it can be manufactured and then assembled properly.

See below some photos of the process and enjoy!

One of the first sketches we provided, which we based our future designs on.

As you can see in the next few designs, we play around with different materials, colours, and architectural elements to come up with the best design for our clients.

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