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Framing is done

Updated: Jan 13

We are so excited to announce that the construction of a beautiful

custom-built house in North York is progressing very well! This 3500-square-foot home is the perfect combination of modern style and luxury. It features an open-concept kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and plenty of natural light throughout. The exterior will be finished with stone accents for extra curb appeal.

This new home was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. From its energy-efficient appliances to its stylish fixtures, every detail was carefully selected by our team of experienced designers to create a living space you’ll love coming back to day after day. We also used high-quality materials during construction so that this house will stand the test of time for years to come!

We hope you get as much joy out of this stunning property as we did create it! If you’re looking to design a custom home and get a building permit in North York, Toronto and beyond – look no further than Cadaxx Design

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