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One’s man journey to buying a Tesla

One of our projects got featured on the news! A bit different than we expected but still exciting nonetheless!

Last year our client approached us to design and get building permits for an underpinning job as well as an extension. Once everything was completed, he decided he wanted to apply for a parking pad on his property so that he could charge an electric car he was planning on buying. Little did he know it will turn into a year long battle that would drag him through numerous channels with opposition from the city as well his city councillor.

The front yard parking seemed like a simple solution to be able to charge his electric vehicle, but in the city of Toronto, this was made very complicated. Read more about this story here and here.

Did the city make the right or wrong call initially by refusing this front yard parking to be constructed? Now that he got the approval from TLAB, how is this outcome going to affect future cases? Let us know what you think!

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