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How to surprise the client...

There is nothing more satisfying than starting a project with a blank canvas and your own two hands. Hand sketching has been the foundation of architectural design since its inception, allowing architects to bring their creative visions to life in tangible form.

By utilizing hand sketches as the first step in any architectural project, you can quickly explore different concepts and ideas without needing complicated software or expensive materials.

Hand-sketching allows for more freedom in the design process than using computer software alone. It makes it easier to quickly draw up multiple iterations of an idea without having to worry about technical details like accuracy or measurements. This helps you focus on exploring different concepts rather than getting bogged down in minutiae right away. Additionally, drawing by hand encourages creativity as it can bring out unexpected shapes and forms that may not have been thought of before!

The best part is that there are no rules when sketching; all you need are some paper and pencils (or markers if preferred). You don’t even need any special tools – just let your imagination run wild! It’s also often helpful for architects working together on projects since they can easily communicate their ideas through sketches instead of words alone – making collaboration much smoother overall.

So if you're looking for a fun way to jumpstart your project, why not start with Cadaxx Design? We know how to surprise you!

For more examples see our Hand sketches page

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