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How to make your bathroom tidy

The ideas and tricks you can apply to have a perfect decoration, the quality furniture, a modern design - nothing will be of use if the bathroom is not tidy. Bathroom as a place to store many small products for hygiene can be chaotic. This might put a shadow over your efforts to look beautiful.

We have effective ideas for arrangement and refinement of the bathroom. Today, we will share some tips to help you with this intent.

1. Furniture along the entire length of the wall

A piece of wall-to-wall furniture, which occupies the entire length of the wall, offers the perfect storage space.

The furniture on the feet on the floor usually has a higher capacity than hanging parts. So, if you have space, make a long piece of bathroom furniture take the largest allowable height and depth. That element solves the problem of storing bathroom items.

2. Open furniture

We support open furniture lovers. It's stylish and often makes the bathroom look bigger. Yet, take into account the influence of moisture the items will be exposed to.

3. Built-in cabinets

If there is something to introduce order into space, these are wardrobes. Auxiliary or recalled, everything depends on your options. Installing a cabinet in the bathroom will enable you to organise the space.

4. Shelves

Shelves only occupy a part of a wall. You can make them on your own.

Shelves not only provide the space for gels, creams, baths, and other cosmetic products. At the same time, the bathroom becomes more beautiful and functional. You profit twice: everything is at your fingertips and in perfect order.

5. Use every free corner

Toilets with built-in cisterns are lighter and look cleaner. This is an advantage, regardless of the fact that the installation "steals" a few centimetres from the bathroom space. The good news is that you can close the cistern, and use the remaining space in the upper part of the wall by turning it into a built-in cabinet.

6. Space near the bathtub

Let's assume your bathtub is 170 cm long. And up to the wall, you have a space of 30 cm. What will you do with this space? We say that you can create a hidden shelf that will fill this hole. This solves the problem of the storage for hygiene products. And you solve the problem of clutter a well.

7. Shelves above the toilet

Another part of the wall that often remains unused. When we say shelves, they do not have to be classic. You can make cubes or even keep things in the baskets. It's only important to use that space above the toilet and make it an ally in the bathroom organization.

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