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Some ideas on how to split the space

Sometimes we feel that the size of the space we live in is too small. And we tend to open it. Instead of the walls, we choose to split the space with some less burdensome material.

Such thinking has several advantages, but we will list the main three.

The first is that we do not condemn the lifelong decision. If we change our minds in the future, we can easily remove separators.

The other one is that this way of splitting the space enables us to make great use of natural light.

Third, if we stick to this way of partition, we will get more functional element than a regular dividing wall. And it will occupy less space.

So, if you are looking for a way to split the room, but to avoid rough work, then this is a blog for you.


A glass is one of the more useful ways to share a room. It became a trend lately. The glass allows the light to enter, and it visually connects the rooms. Many apartments need that.


Shelves are a solution that brings double profit. The reason is simple - they have a dual function. One is to share the space, and another is the storage of things. This makes them perfect for small rooms.


This solution also has a double role. The first is to divide the space, and the other is to bring the greenery, air and freshness into the home.


For cabinets, it is similar as with shelves. Apart from splitting the room into two parts, you will get a piece of furniture where you can store the things. Then you get most of the space. Cabinets need to be tailor-made to enable usage of their potentials. Otherwise, they will be only one piece that burdens the space.

The curtains

If you need to divide the rooms without overwhelming the space, this is the ultimate option. The only disadvantage is that curtains cannot be used for other purposes, unlike shelves.


The point is to use bulkheads as addition to a practical element, such as a closet for shoes. Then they are the perfect help to achieve your goal: divide the space within the room.

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