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8 Tips for sound isolation of the house

Noise from the street or the one coming from the neighbourhood can disturb even the Dalai Lama. Especially when trying to read, sleep or to fend off the image of a good neighbour. If you apply one of these ideas, it is very likely that you will drop many inconveniences.

The location, the square, the brightness and the price are the parameters we take into account when buying or renting a house. But silence is one of the most important factors that affect a good quality of life. We need silence to concentrate on work, follow our thoughts, rest and sleep. This is especially understood by those who have noisy neighbours, or they live near a cafe, a workshop, fast food kiosk. All this can form mission impossible for acquiring peace. Apart from understanding, we share with you some ideas for decibel reduction in your home.

1. Set an odds and reign

The larger the room, the more likely it will serve as a resonant box. If you can divide the room or increase the thickness of the walls by covering them with sound isolators, do it without delay.

2. Books against noise

Reading and knowledge are usually time-consuming, and you need space for books. Setting up a bookshelf with a wooden background over the entire wall is a good idea to dampen unwanted sounds.

3. If you can not win, join her

Machines and applications that reproduce "white noise" are a good tactic in reducing the noise coming from the outside. Look at the reviews of customers of such products and everything will be clear to you. There is something in those frequencies that help us to concentrate and tighten the external noise.

4. Recognize defeat

We are often unaware of elements in our house such as blind or hollow boxes, or those around switches and sockets. They serve as a great noise conductor. Reduce discomfort by laying good insulators made for these purposes (foams, whales, mouldings...).

5. Vegetation against noise

To mitigate the noise around Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, landscape architect Paul De Kort designed a genius system of plants and geometric patterns that cut the sound. If you have a terrace or flower pots in windows, put some plants there. Use the capacity of the plants to absorb noise.

6. Twist the sleeves

If none of these tricks bears fruit, do some repair: replace the old windows, cover the walls with compact plates, and isolate the ceiling. We know that this step requires greater investment, but the result is also noticeable.

7. Do not save on the tree

In many homes and buildings, it happens that the door is usually hollow. Replace it with those made of solid wood, and you will reduce noise. Also, you can cover critical walls and ceilings with wooden boards. This way, you will not only ease the sound but also get great decorative results.

8. Ask for help

In the end, you also know that you have the right to claim a peaceful area for living. Try the dialogue, if possible. If it is not, there are companies specializing in soundproofing space. Do not hesitate to call them for advice.

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