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Decorating tips for smaller apartments

Smaller apartments have their advantages - lower costs in furnishing, and less time needed to clean up the mess. They can have an irreplaceable charm, if you know how to arrange this little space.

People usually tend to use small equipment to be as rational as possible. Yet, paying attention to design and style can change the impression. The fact that the apartment is small does not mean you cannot play with furniture and colours. Your decorative options are not limited neither.

If you think that designing a small apartment is complicated, there are several tips to help you. You can get an idea how to combine aesthetics and functionality to make your home comfortable.

Split the space

At first glance an open space concept may seem ideal. But the undefined space may overburden the site and may look disorderly.

Define areas and rooms before equipping and give each area a specific purpose. Place high-quality showcases for coats and shoes to the front door to round up the entrance hall.

The space between the kitchen and the dining room is ideal for the bar, which separates these rooms, and can also serve as a place for extra storage. Place a strong colour sofa to draw your attention to the living room.

Invest in multi functional furniture

When it comes to a small space, every square meter is important. Pull out the most from each room by investing in multi-function furniture.

Get a bed that turns into the sofa while watching TV, or create a rustic dining table that extends when you have guests.

Take advantage of unused corners

If the design is too typified and rational, it will make you bored and you will feel that you lack the more interesting solutions.

Have you ever noticed how many dead corners and unused walls there are, especially in the upper parts? Consider how you can turn these spaces into more functional, and add charm to your apartment.

Focus on vertical furniture

One of the key things when equipping a small apartment is to focus on vertical furniture, as much as on the horizontal.

The more you use the upper parts of the room, the more place you get for extravagant solutions in the lower parts. High and narrow furniture pieces are your best allies in getting a lot of storage space on small surfaces.

Make custom two identical, narrow book shelves that will stand on both sides of the door. Fill the shelves with books, nice dishes and interesting decorations.

Choose bright and pastel tones

Keep brighter palette of tones. Bright shades widen the space, while the tints and dark narrow it.

Use two dominant bright shades and one darker to break the monotony and add charm to your room.

Avoid massive furniture

You may like big showcases, wardrobes or big corner sofas, but this is not a good solution for your small apartment. Such pieces will act incompletely, and will take too much space.

Make narrow showcases in pastel colours instead of large cabinets for the living room. Install an American closet with discreet print.

Change old chairs and armchairs and give them a whole new note that fits your new design. Choose curved shapes, instead of sharp.

Bear in mind that the furniture on the legs visually widens the space, unlike furniture that relies on the floor. Small but significant trick.

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