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Flexible Furniture Doesn’t Always Do It

Canadians are increasingly wanting more space, a room for leisure,

activity, entertainment, or quietness but with the limited space within their

homes, it might be difficult. Especially when the viewer sees their house is

full of a fixed number of rooms that currently resides with the essential

requirements in the house (bedroom, kitchen, living room). As a result,

families find themselves including custom bunk beds, pull out flexible

furniture but that may only last the kids for so long till they want to have

separate spaces, or it’s still not enough exclusion for people to feel it's a

separate space. Organization and balance are achieved through a thorough

sense of categorization and placement, and that’s how people feel a sense of

balance and satisfaction. People value a good environment that best suits

their needs and is willing to go out to obtain those necessities. For example,

people may go out to cafes or libraries for a sense of separation to focus or

people go out to the gym to get in the fitness that they crave. But what if

you can bring those spaces in your home and keep the division. This house

(reference image) is built with six rooms, two offices, two lounge/living spaces and

has more potential for expansion. With those six rooms, the use of them are

endless, it can be a yoga room, kids’ playroom, a walk-in closet, a workshop,

a plant room, etc. A house is not limited to the existing built, there is always

room to creatively divide, convert, and find a better use of space. All this can

be possible with the guidance of architect, interior designers, engineers and

other relevant authorities. It can be a simple partition or change of height to

bring a new space. Goals are achieved with the right resources and Cadaxx

Design has the expertise that can provide solutions.

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