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Right decisions for interior design

When we decorate living space, we sometimes make the wrong choices. Consequences might not be pleasing later. Maybe we are trying to avoid decisions that we will not like in the near future.

But what makes us neglect good decisions? There are renovating procedures. Yet, we forget them while designing our house.

Why is it important to start with a good decision? Well,it's simple! If we know what we want, we will follow a good example. And get what we need.

In this blog, we will write about 4 factors of interior design. Those factors may bring results in the form of nice and practical space.

1. White colour and variations

Whether we are entering a new space or renovating the existing one, we are enthusiastic. Thus we tend to follow the trends and tendencies. Not saying that trends are not important, just be cautious about them. Finally, we share exterior and interior trends. Trends come and go, but your home and you need to live together. The clever decision is to use a white colour or some modified variants. Such as beige. These colours are neutral. White and beige give you the freedom to play through the details in other colours. They also give the impression of cleanliness and light in the space.

2. Simplicity

Overcrowding the room can produce a visual effect of chaos. So, let's respect simplicity, proportions, balance and harmony. If you are not sure whether a particular piece belongs to your space (no matter how you liked it), call for the simplicity criterion. You will know what to do. Remember, the language of interior design tells a story related to your life. This story can be lost in elements that have nothing in common with each other. Even if you opt for the largest in the decoration, there must be a connection between elements.

3. Quality furniture

We know that here the budget plays a crucial role. We also understand that saving is a realistic goal. Yet, when we are arranging the house, it is better to save on less important things. Choose quality materials that will last for years and will preserve its beauty and shine. Keep in mind that the furniture is not a small expense. Before you start shopping, ask yourself if you are so rich to buy poor quality things.

4. Black and white photographs on the walls

Wall decoration is the usual maxim in almost every home. Although works of art are not subject to the same aesthetic criteria, black and white photographs are "safe choice". They have a special emotional charge because they resemble old times, evoking memories. They are striking and compatible with almost every interior.

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