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Cadaxx Design won a Home Stars award for 2019

Cadaxx Design architects team became a third-time winner of Home Stars award. Led by Alex Axelrod, the company took Home Stars awards for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Who can win Home Stars award?

Home Stars is the leading online community of homeowners. and architectural companies throughout Canada. Its database consists of 2 million firms. Service providers are telling their story through photos, words and real work.

Homeowners are helping each other to find reputable service providers. How they do that? They write reviews about experiences with architectural firms. Experiences might be good or bad.

The architectural company has to collect excellent scores on several aspects of performance, and the rating might change during the time. Many factors count: quality of work, responsiveness and responding to reviews.

Cadaxx Design Maintains great reputation

Building a reputation in the business world evolves many resources. It takes time, energy and costs. It also means a constant improvement of skills. Some people, like Alex Axelrod, obviously know the formula for success. It is not all about the design. You have to be a good communicator, a good listener and dedicated to work. At some point, you have to make other people’s problems your own. Then solve them. In the end, clients will retain your services because you care about them.

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