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Architecture - Art, Philosophy and Science

Architecture involves much knowledge and talent and gives freedom of artistic expression. Vitruvius (Roman architect) wrote: "There are geometry, arithmetic, history, and philosophy that will enrich the architect to be modest and honest, without greed for money.”

Underestimating her charm, people usually compare architecture with the construction industry. Far from this, architecture represents the artistry of shaping the space we live in. The architect strives to impress us and transfer the cultural message of his time.

The magic of Ancient Buildings

Temples devoted to religious idols were replaced with Castles for royal families. Placed in the forest, with a multitude of gates, the castles represent another epoch in the development of architecture. These castles had hundreds of rooms used by people of blue blood for their noble needs. Today's visitors of these castles can enjoy the high, carved concrete pillars. They can walk through the chapels of the glorious princess, and feel the old-fashioned fragrance of wood and copper.


Architecture besieged through temples, churches and royal flags in the ancient and middle ages. In the new century, it evolved through museums and skyscrapers of immeasurable dimensions. Every building (ancient or contemporary) carries the spirit of the time it was built in. Parthenon, an old Greek temple of goddess Athens, is a great heritage of classical style. Today it stands with ruined parts. But visitors can feel the spirit of the old world and hear stories of sculptures. The construction was influenced by the cultural and political relations of the time, along with the habits of the people.

Modern Design

In modern times architecture offers harmonious buildings of sharp edges, straight lines, elegant, in the spirit of minimalism. Materials like glass, metal and marble are reflecting our era.

It will not be surprising to see buildings with plants in their walls. Architects are trying to create buildings that will become a new world miracle in the future.

Servant of Time

Architecture is the present people give to each other. You can experience such a gift by walking around any old city whose buildings are keeping the secrets for ages. The spirit is still hiding on the facades of ruined or preserved buildings. The spirit that whispers the secrets of the ancient world, in the battle for eternity.

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