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Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

A client on Foxden Rd asked for a new second floor addition to their home.

We did exactly that!

A fully functioning space with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three walk in closets, and a laundry room.

We made sure to add nice large windows in all the bedrooms for a beautiful morning sun .

Skylights are always a huge bonus in a home, especially where we placed it! Right in the walk in closet- to make getting ready in the mornings a much more pleasant experience.

On top of the second floor addition we also changed all the doors and windows to make the home more aesthetically pleasing.

Stucco on the exterior walls was also a new addition bringing the entire home together making it wonderful on the outside as well as the inside.





207 Edgeley Blvd,

Concord, ON, L4K 4B5

Unit 18


Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

5000 Yonge St,

Toronto, ON, M2N 7E9

Suite 1901


North York Centre