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Forward Thinking

Our clients on Manor Road made a forward thinking decision to renovate their home in Toronto in case they wanted to sell in the future. Renovating and making their home more modern looking would make the selling process much easier for them. Maybe even change their mind about selling!

The residents asked our team of trained professionals for help and we didn't disappoint.

We added an addition to the rear of the home to add more interior space to the property.

A bay window was also added in the front of the home to give the the perception of more light. Natural light is always welcome. The more saving on the electricity bill the better!

Adding a new deck in the backyard as we accommodated is also a great way to enhance the sales value. Also a fantastic architectural feature everyone can enjoy.

The entire basement was renovated to accommodate for more people and more sleeping spaces. The entire ground floor was renovated to be open concept which is always a crowd pleaser. All four bedrooms on the second level are new and improved to make the space more organized and agreeable.


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