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How Can Sketchfab help you?

Working on any architectural design, there is a lot to think about. Each one of my clients has different needs and it can be difficult to show them exactly how things will look through a blueprint.

One way I try to make a design come alive is to use 3D modeling to show how the project is going to look, and I always turn to 3D Sketchfab.

The models are all rendered quickly and I can share content so it’s easy to send models to my clients through a website, forum, or even though social media such as Facebook. The models are also available for download and the program works with various plugins so it will work with other software programs.

See an example here .

If you are looking to build an addition, or a custom home and would like to see what I can do for you, do not hesitate to call!.

Alex Akselrod

Cadaxx Design

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