When starting a project, preparation is key-and that's where we come in!

While discussing with you to understand your needs, we provide you with lots of design options so that you can choose what best fits you!

With our vast experience in architectural design, you are in the right hands!

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bellefontaine new house

53 Bellefontaine St

built 2017

This project was a great way to showcase our creativity and love for architecture.

Designing a custom build home is no easy task, as there are so many things to consider such as, optimal interior layout, exterior facade, budget, structure, city by-laws, and much more.

We often create a few options for our clients and present it in beautiful renderings so that they can envision how the house will look at the end of construction.

lonsmount rear addition

197 Lonsmount Dr

built 2017

This is a great example of an exterior project. The clients wanted to extend the back of their house and make it visually appealing. As with most of our projects, we need to balance the needs and wants of our clients with the overall look of the neighbourhood. Especially when a property falls under the jurisdiction of TRCA, Ravine, or Heritage. We have to work with these agencies to ensure we get approvals from them as well.

Using 3D renderings and 3D models we can easily convey our vision to everyone involved in the project.

edgecroft  new house

21 Edgecroft Rd

Design 2018

This is a great example of a modern house. We were able to provide a few designs for the owners to look at and once they decided what they wanted, it was easy sailing from there! With the detailed 3D models we provided, the contractors were able to build exactly what the clients wanted, in a timely and efficient manner.


bathurst new house

20410 Bathurst St, King City

Built 2014

This project started as a very big empty lot! Our client had the means and space to build a brand new house. The design work was such an elaborate task as we had to work from scratch, but at the same time we had so much freedom to design a beautiful house no restrictions. We always try to give our clients as many options as we can so that they are able to choose the best option that speaks to them. Feel free to browse through the pictures showing the different design we provided.

sutherland 2nd floor addition

146 Sutherland Dr

Built 2015

Sutherland is a great example of designing a house with the feel and look of the neighbourhood in mind. 
What started out as an outdated looking bungalow, it is now a beautiful two storey house that fits right in.
We strive to provide not only designs that our clients will love, but also ones that showcase 
the characteristics of the neighbourhood.