When you apply for a building permit, clear and accurate drawings not only communicate the project more effectively, they also increase your chances of getting the permit more quickly.  

And we do it at incredibly reasonable prices.After so many years working in this field, we have all the experience we need to be able to get you the building permits you need as quickly as possible!

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manor front and rear addition

92 Manor Rd E.

Design 2019


Additions are the most popular types of renovations we do because it allows for the changes our clients need without relocating, and leaving the home that they love. With the use of 3D models we show our clients their future home and thus the renovation decisions are easier to make. 



felbrigg attic and rear addition

79 Felbrigg Ave.

Design 2020


A 3rd floor  addition for this house seemed like the best way to increase the living space. The family was feeling the constraints of their existing house and were ready for a change. We've added  small rear addition as well 



bellefontaine new house

53 Bellefontaine St

built 2017

This project was a great way to showcase our creativity and love for architecture.

Designing a custom build home is no easy task, as there are so many things to consider such as, optimal interior layout, exterior facade, budget, structure, city by-laws, and much more.

We often create a few options for our clients and present it in beautiful renderings so that they can envision how the house will look at the end of construction.

roblin 2nd floor addition

7 Roblin Ave.

Built 2017


A great example of a family that loved their house but needed more space for their growing family. Instead of leaving and looking for a new place to live, they added a second storey, where they could continue adding to their memories while living comfortably in their current house.



 claymore 2nd floor addition

6 Claymore Ave.

Built 2017


Designing additions is a complex process. We have to fit our clients' needs in a limited space, match the new design to the existing, and follow zoning by-laws. For these reasons we love working on additions! We love a challenge!  


manor interior reno

300 Manor Rd East

Built  2016


We love working with our clients on the interior of their house to be able to design the inside to fit their needs. When our clients have lived in their home for a few years they have a much better idea of what changes they would like to make, and it is our pleasure to help them design their ideal home.